Friday, October 16, 2009

I have been so far away from this blog for such a long time that the word 'neglect' does not begin to capture it!! Well, the suspects have been usual. The work, the study, and generally 'stuff' going on!! So much there was to write but the moments passed by and I never found myself visiting this page...

But occasions always bring me to the blog, as if to document my state of mind each year.. Well, the state of mind is usually happy and happening but I notice subtle changes as I push 30s! A couple of years ago I had all the time( ;) ) to do a pre and post Diwali posts. Then in 2007, Diwali was all about the much needed rest after the launch of BlueRidge! Bang comes the next year and my posts around Diwali are shrouded in the uncertain predicament of the industry and economy (albeit after one of the loveliest holidays that I an S enjoyed!)

So what's up this year?! For starters no holiday!! But I am not complaining!! There is much that I have been putting away to do during the Diwali holidays. Besides I need to get some studying done, too!

But this Diwali has something else to it. It is Optimistic. And that after the hellish year since last Diwali, is definitely something to celebrate. Some call is a 'V' shaped recovery and then some others the population factor - a blessing in disguise. I find myself being cautious still. All the numbers are looking good, be it inflation, industrial growth or the supposed increase in the real estate prices according to media - which by the way is as erroneous as were the media numbers on the decrease in prices mere quarters ago! But I still feel that we are rejoicing way too soon.. We need to give it another quarter or two before heaving the sigh of relief and getting complacent all over again..

Well, that does not, however, take anything away from how brightly this Diwali is going to be lit! I hope not by crackers though!!

Happy Diwali everyone!

Oh and I was a part the minority yet again! I voted. Voting percentage in my ward was 42%. This after a totally wasted holiday they declared for the State elections in Maharashtra. And then what did majority of the people do? They took Monday off, Tuesday was the election day and Voila! They had a long weekend on their hands. Pitiful. Simply hopeless..

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