Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Diwali I

Am not buying anything new in particular (At least won’t buy for Diwali(!) for the spendthrift that I am, I think it is wise to refrain at least on an occasion! Weird logic. I know!!)
Fine Print: If someone wants to buy me something….heeeee!!! Get the point right!!

Am meeting more than my fare share of relatives! But you know what, I love it! The party menus that are already circulating promise me a culinary delight! Whom am I kidding? It’s going to be one hogging festival! A number of people have brought this to my notice (and I am rightfully proud) that we are one of the very few Maharashtrian (from Maharashtra) families who enjoy their alcohol and meat (even) on Diwali! So I am all set to dig into some home cooked meals being drowned over bubblies!

Am planning to take pictures at these parties. Something none of us have done in yeaaarssss! God only knows why but true!

Am going to miss my lil sister… :-( but end up spending considerable amount of money (hers – so dad’s – poor thing has to pay for incoming calls – poor dad!!!) talking to her!

Am told that Maharashtrians are the Best (You are a sweetheart S) by a pretty Punjabi lady who spent better part of her last year in Pune and has (obviously) fallen in love with this place. She called today morning to wish a happy diwali and brought a huuuuugggeeeeeee smile on me’s face!

Am not going to blow any crackers (as usual! My two pennies for lesser pollution.)

Am going to watch the new DON and blog about it!! Hehehehe

Have ordered the lanterns from a road side vendor and returned two of them for being faulty!!! I have never before delved on this lantern issue as much as this year! Usually (Like most sane people I know) I just go to a road side vendor and pick up the ones I like. This time, however, because I did not like anything on display the guy offered to make me a few. He called once he was ready with them. My driver went and picked them up. I realised faults in two and so I called him back. He has retrieved the faulty pieces and is going to replace them. For something as simple as Diwali lanterns going through all of this….well I am crazy. I know!

Am not sending any mass-Happy-Diwali-smss and disturb people when they don’t want to be disturbed. Instead am going to sincerely wish well (mentally only!) to each and everyone and hope they achieve all that they are working for.

Am going to sleep away to glory.

Am going to try to keep working out. (Gosh I need it!)

Am going to get back to work post the holiday with efforts double that of now!!! What a zing that is!!!!

Happy Diwali folks!!


educatedunemployed said...

Kudos to your pennies less of pollution.I think this is one sincere wish and I whole heartedly wish to reciprocate the same.

Have an awesome Diwali with all the guzzling and an even better year ahead.

Tejas said...

You just made me miss being home for Diwali...the first time I've felt so this week. Yeah, and I like your perspective on most of those things.
Have a good time! Best wishes to you and your family!

Poonam said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family! Enjoy the food and fun-fest.

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