Monday, October 30, 2006

This Diwali I.... Part 2

I did end up being a spendthrift after all!!

My blissful parties over meat and bubbly were just what I imagined they would be!! FUN!!!

And I actually managed to get some amazing shots, too!!

Missed my sis but didn’t get to talk to her as much as I would have liked….

Didn’t blow any crackers and felt sorry for the street children having fun with them. Imagine that money going in for their annual school fees, books or something equally meaningful…..A few minutes of fun and may be a number of lost opportunities in life….

And blogged DON….. No comments

Managed to get very pretty lanterns after all that lit up our Diwali!

Never sent any Happy Diwali smss and deleted each and everyone received immediately…grrhhhh…even at 2am in the morning.

Got no time to sleep. Had a ton of workload…

Didn’t work out…Again had a ton of work load and could not manage my time for nutttssssss!!!

But yes I am back to work post the holiday with efforts double that of before and what a zing it is!!!!

Well, nobody has a holiday quite like they plan, right?!!


I think I am writing this only because I wrote in my previous blog that I would....otherwise this movie is nothing but a colossal waste of time and money. (And words and bytes!)

For me it was a parady of the original with an effort to add some lame 'originality' (Pun intended)

On the positive side though, when SRK delivers the Bachhan's classic lines its quite hilarious! I died laugjing!!!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Diwali I

Am not buying anything new in particular (At least won’t buy for Diwali(!) for the spendthrift that I am, I think it is wise to refrain at least on an occasion! Weird logic. I know!!)
Fine Print: If someone wants to buy me something….heeeee!!! Get the point right!!

Am meeting more than my fare share of relatives! But you know what, I love it! The party menus that are already circulating promise me a culinary delight! Whom am I kidding? It’s going to be one hogging festival! A number of people have brought this to my notice (and I am rightfully proud) that we are one of the very few Maharashtrian (from Maharashtra) families who enjoy their alcohol and meat (even) on Diwali! So I am all set to dig into some home cooked meals being drowned over bubblies!

Am planning to take pictures at these parties. Something none of us have done in yeaaarssss! God only knows why but true!

Am going to miss my lil sister… :-( but end up spending considerable amount of money (hers – so dad’s – poor thing has to pay for incoming calls – poor dad!!!) talking to her!

Am told that Maharashtrians are the Best (You are a sweetheart S) by a pretty Punjabi lady who spent better part of her last year in Pune and has (obviously) fallen in love with this place. She called today morning to wish a happy diwali and brought a huuuuugggeeeeeee smile on me’s face!

Am not going to blow any crackers (as usual! My two pennies for lesser pollution.)

Am going to watch the new DON and blog about it!! Hehehehe

Have ordered the lanterns from a road side vendor and returned two of them for being faulty!!! I have never before delved on this lantern issue as much as this year! Usually (Like most sane people I know) I just go to a road side vendor and pick up the ones I like. This time, however, because I did not like anything on display the guy offered to make me a few. He called once he was ready with them. My driver went and picked them up. I realised faults in two and so I called him back. He has retrieved the faulty pieces and is going to replace them. For something as simple as Diwali lanterns going through all of this….well I am crazy. I know!

Am not sending any mass-Happy-Diwali-smss and disturb people when they don’t want to be disturbed. Instead am going to sincerely wish well (mentally only!) to each and everyone and hope they achieve all that they are working for.

Am going to sleep away to glory.

Am going to try to keep working out. (Gosh I need it!)

Am going to get back to work post the holiday with efforts double that of now!!! What a zing that is!!!!

Happy Diwali folks!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My dear Urban Asterisk* ,

Referring to this post of yours ..

...stars in dreams can light up life
decide not to be blinded
but embrace them so they shine through you, your memories......

Friday, October 06, 2006

While I was coming to the office today morning

I was mad at myself for feeling so terribly sleepy – as if I have not slept in ages. (So much so that my husband offered to drop me off at the office – fearing for my car obviously – which I declined – again obviously)

The setting of rear view mirrors of the car had been changed by someone. It took a lot of acrobatics to adjust all three mirrors as I drove on in the traffic.

Traffic was thicker than usual as I had left full 15 minutes late.

RJ for the morning show on Radio Mirchi has changed. Perhaps I shall begin to like him but for now he is irritating me. And today morning’s half an hour drive to office was no exception.

But he played ‘Kajara re’ from BnB and I associated it to the movie Dor in which the song is used very well.

Do not want to write anything about the number of potholes I bumped across and their subsequent effect on my back and my car’s suspension.

Saw a guy scratching his head - only he was wearing a helmet. Cursed myself for not carrying a camera to capture this Kodak moment

I met three different species of drivers on the road
1. At 10 km/hr and Centrally –Age more than 50 or any age if the mobile is pressed to their ears. More often than not women, new drivers or proud owners of new cars petrified that someone might touch their precious metal skin and leave a mark.

2. Drive in all the lanes: simultaneously – Again found in car as well as two wheeler drivers who make money by lane cutting. Off late I have found buses and trucks entering in this category as well.

3. I don’t want to be seen – These species – predominantly two wheelers are mostly fugitives and they like drive faster than the speed of light. There is a small problem however! Given the density of traffic and variance in road level measurable in feet – over each square foot, their speed gets abated and invariably they end up braking hard in front of my car. My car has kissed butts of many such four and two wheelers.

And then there are others who just want to get out of this mayhem and reach the destination.

These people on the road affect me deeply each morning and I think it’s a great way to wake up to the absurdities and unfairness of the world. But I didn’t wake up today.

I saw my old flame en route on his bike and wondered why the xxxx I ever fell for him.

Sent sms to my husband reminding him to get movie tickets for this (near non-existent) weekend.

Found my usual parking space taken in the office car-park and had to park the car somewhere else – I dislike this totally.

Note to myself – If you are feeling like you ate a toad in the morning either shake it off before you leave for work or else learn to not to let it affect your perception of the world.

You can also write a blog and puke out all the ill-feeling! Chuckle!

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