Thursday, July 10, 2008

Posting from the other side of the Wall

i.e. the Great Wall of China.

I was in China this week and as I wait on the swnaky new terminal 2 of Shanghai-Pudong Airport, I have nothing better to do but blog!!! Especially since its 2:20 am and my flght's not scheduled to take off till 3:30am....

So here's what happened/I learned in this trip:

Sweet gentleman that I was travelling with picked up Femina Magazine to read when he had plenty others that are supposed to interest men!
Jet's international service as well as aircrafts are truly international. Lovely experiance!
The 180degree flat seats are amazingly comfortable! You can sleep like a baby!! (Oh, how I wish they start boarding and I hit the sack...hmmmm)
I like Shanghai more each time I visit here.
Saw a Volkswagen's Beetle in convertible format on road. I want to buy one. Maybe not convertible though.
Ferrari sounds better rev-ing past on road than the race car counterpart through the idiot box. Why does a red Ferrari seem to - even, sound better?? Any ideas??
Watched an amazing Acrobatics show today evening at Shanghai Central Theatre. Awesome stuff. The write up hardly does justice to the quality of the show. Its quite superlative. Try this You Tube version. Watch this as well. We got fourth row seats and watching these artists perform right in front of you is even more mesmerising than the you tube versions. After this 90-100mins show was over I realised that throughout the show either my hand was clasped on my mouth in amazement or I was clapping!
Discovered a few more nice cafe s on Nanjing Street and enjoyed dinners there. My lovely little Italian place that was closed when I visited last time was found to be operational again this time around and needless to say I hogged there! Didn't miss breakfasts at Wagas-my fav diner either!! Went out to a 'lovely old bungalow converted into a fine dining restaurant' with ECADI team and ate most amazing lobster I have ever had! Whoever says decent food's a problem in China?!!!!! Ohhh and had lotsa Starbucks as well, as per the custom!
I want to find some report on whether the malls make money in China. The shear amount of retail space has once again defeated all my 'understanding' of retail real estate.
We have planned really nice lofts. I enojyed the process of design after an long time!! And also the heated discussions!!
Bought a whole lot of Architecture and Landscape books. The system ECADI has for buying the books is ultra-convinient. A lady brings a boxful EVERYDAY to their office!! The flip side of this, though, is my bag is now supernaturally heavy. And not only that I have had to purchase additional bag to fit it all in!
And the JET is boarding now~~ so Goodnight!!!!

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