Tuesday, October 30, 2007

BlueRidge is here!!

What a fantabulous weekend it was!! I am still reeling under all that euphoria, pressure and madness. So much so that I find it utterly impossible to define in words exactly how I am feeling and where I should be going from here!

The project truly broke all the records and beat down every street expectation. Why talk of others? We certainly were not expecting that it will rock as much as it did!!


More than 1000 residential units. Costing upwards of 40lakh. And customers queing and struggling to buy as if they were commodities! Overwhelmed as we were, we fought our way through their requirements and scrampbled to stay standing upright and saying sorry we are sold out! So many disappointed faces who couldnot get what they wanted and compromised were suddenly happy faces when their friends and relatives could get nothing at all!!

But these words come with a lot of responsibility. Real estate is all about execution and not fancy excel sheets and marketing strategies. We have a task cut out for ourselves. A huge task and a mountain of expectations to meet! Which means we need to work harder! Now that part is easy, isn't it?!! Hard, I shall work. Expectations I shall meet! One day like the 27th of October 2007 is enough to give me for renewed highs on adrenaline for at least two years!! Then we shall have more of those!!

Now the website is up - www.blueridge.in - however, still more updations are required. The sample flat will be ready soon now! And I shall shift to the site office in a matter of month! The excavation shall soon start and I shall get my first taste of actual work on site very very soon!!

Life is too full and I really need one day to step back and analyse and chart my course. But this much respite won't come till Diwali!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Launching BlueRidge!!

Watch this space for more on this 'little' something very close to my heart!!

(Check www.blueridge.in . However, don't expect to the world there till the 27th of October!!!!)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wise buy or Charity

We - read me and S - bought a nice - read expensive :( - treadmill today(its really nice as well actually!!)! We were regulars to donate to local gyms for years! Now this leads me to think whether now we have taken up the cause of sports equipment vendors as well!! Does it mean that poor gyms in the viscinity will stop getting grants from us? hmmm.... Probably not, as S would realise that he misses the the machines too much to not to join a gym!

Long Live Charity to be fit and 'thin' (Relative! I know! But never good enough!! For almost anyone I know of!!!!)


RESOLUTION: Use the damn thing and not let it become a clothes' stand.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Been almost a month since I have managed to pen down anything at all! To say I have been tied up is an understatement but then this entry is not going to be about my narcissist self telling everyone how my life and work rocks!! (By the way it still does!!) Then what could this entry be about? Myanmar? I have never written world politics! Neither sensex volatility as that isn’t my particular forte!! This is not about a movie review (though I think there are some things there I meant to write!) This is not going to be a travelogue (though I have just traveled to a faraway land!) And this is not about relationships either. This is going to be about randomness! This entry is being scripted because I so badly want to say gazillions of unrelated things!! So all those wary readers looking for good reading bytes, (you should have never been here in the first place!) go away!!!

Okay so here’s the list!

On this particular trip I took last week, for a 5.5hrs flight me and this nice elderly gentleman I was traveling with managed to get middle seats in consecutive rows. I have a phobia against middle seats in aircrafts. But a sweet stranger agreed to swap his aisle with one of the middle seats and this nice elderly gentleman let me have the aisle! There still are nice fellow travelers in this world.

Movie Dil, dosti etc. should be seen by all parents, to-be parents and youngsters who live in a fool’s paradise thinking attitude of kids today towards sex is exactly the same as their’s when they were kids. It’s a much necessary awakening.

I want them to buy me a Honda City ZX, Steel Grey!

I want to know exactly how many people believe that a Pudong District of Shanghai can be built in Mumbai when we actually are a democracy.

My project is in Hinjewadi and today Hinjewadi tops the list of most favourable real estate investment destinations in India!!

I officially hate all the Anopheles mosquitoes in the world.

Shark Fin soup sucks but Peking Duck is one of the yummiest things I have ever tasted!

My creative agency chap said the teaser campaigns should be like Tequilla shots! How appropriate!!

The company being a going concern is not just an accounting concept. It has to be imbibed by all those who create amazing family businesses in their psyche. (Not my wisdom. Someone whom I respect said this to me and I saw where he was coming from!)

Now I know how much the loss of profit hurts!

I want to dance! Really...!! Just like we used to back in ISB! And get drunk! And I miss my Balu Bear!

I missed T20 final India-Pak thriller (after watching every other match in the series!) It sucked but my dad kept smsing me ball-by-ball update in Shanghai for last 5 overs. Believe-you-me none of us worked untill the drama concluded!!

Growing up before your age is not easy, neither smart. (But it is at least less dangerous than the other extreme!)

I want to buy a house! Not invest. Buy something we shall live in.

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