Friday, November 21, 2008


I have always loved this song! I found myself watching this movie on TV a few days ago and tried hard to remember the correct lyrics of this song(i had missed it) and had to work to get all the words right.. So posting it here.. to remember.. 'cos it is nice and relatable!

Ae zindagi yeh lamha jee lene de
Oh, pehle se likha kuch bhi nahin
Roz naya kuch likhti hai tu
Jo bhi likha hai, dil se jiya hai
Yeh lamha filhaal jee lene de

Maasoom si hasi, bevaja hi kabhi
Honton pe khil jaati hai
Anjaan si khushi baheti hui kabhi
Saahil pe mil jaati hai
Yeh anjaana sa darr ajnabi hai magar
Khoobsurat hai jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhaal jee lene de

Dil hi mein rehta hai, aankhon mein baheta hai
Kaccha sa ek khwaab hai
Lagta sawaal hai, shaayad jawaab hai
Dil phir bhi betaab hai
Yeh sukun hai to hai, yeh junoon hai to hai
Khoobsurat hai jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhaal jee lene de ...

Oh, pehle se likha kuch bhi nahin
Roz naya kuch, oh likhti hai tu
Jo bhi likha hai, dil se jiya hai
Yeh lamha filhaal jee lene de ...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I came back after a lovely vacation in Diwali week(more on the trip later) extremely reassured about the whole situation about the economy, markets, real estate, the market in Pune, my project in particular and obviously my family, Shridhar, me... Because it boils down to that finally, doesn't it? I was quite sure that at these various levels various short term, medium term and long term strategies would work. This is not something that will take us down with it if we respond appropriately, thoughtfully and with smart as well as hard work. Upon return, however, I sensed two quite distinct feelings in people.

On one hand there were a lot of them who were death scared. A guy said to me yesterday, "It is good to see you laughing/smiling(he said laughing but he meant smiling ;) ). I don't meet a lot of people who do that these days"!! And this seems to be the case with so many. Extreme pessimism which for a lot of them would result in severe depression. True, there is a problem staring in our faces but negativity in attitude only prevents you from seeing an opportunity the problem presents. Because there always are numerous opportunities and now is a time to start hunting. This not only sounds cliched but also does not have a road map. But then that is the beauty of it, isn't it?? It is eternally true that winners rise out of depressions and equally true that there is no formula for the success. Most astounding success stories are happy accidents happening to hard working, smart and prepared souls!!

And on the other hand I have in past week or two met those blessedly happy people who are simply unaware of the situation! Not that they do not read the newspapers or watch TV channels or are incapable mentally to comprehend the problem. They are just sure that this is not something that can affect them and to think this is silly. Stupid even. I simply cannot understand how one can live in such a fool's paradise! There are a few industries that will be less affected and then those that will be more affected. But affected nevertheless. One has to assess the impact. Think more than anything else. Discuss. Debate. But then these people are just not bothered. If you think you are not going to be affected in a negative way then at least think how you can benefit!

In every cycle bull or bear there would be the doomsday predictors all around us and there would be those over optimists! It is upon an individual to decide where in the spectrum he/she is. And constantly re-evaluate, re-calibrate. As wrong it is to be a pessimistic, it is also equally incorrect to assume you as a person are isolated. Can't we all just be normal, levelled, logical about all of this??

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