Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mixed Bag

Why does it normally happen that when I want to write most, I realise it is not 'appropriate' to do so? Mostly these cases are when I want to criticize something severely.

Somebody said to be that I hardly ever am my fun loving and giggly personality in the office. Duh! Is it not how it is supposed to be??

Or am I losing myself and a chance of being my age as the responsibilities and expectations to conform are enormous??

Normally I am not the kind of a person to conform to the expectations but here I understand that it is required to be done. (or is it not???)

My sheer presence is scandalising enough!! If I start being 'me', then ya sure!!! That should be fun!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

So what?

Some people have a lot of friends in and around the place they are and only a few friends away.

But I have only a few friends in and around where I am and a lot of them away.

So what??

It is only geographic, you know. Much better than 'distance' irrespective of geographical nearness.
'Cos then they are only 'so called' friends.

Fallout of Friendship Day this is. Yup.

I miss them...

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