Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Why can't men giggle.... :) ?

Giggle....:) :) Giggle!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

About Jets and Sunsets

We (literally) sneaked off, took off to Chiplun this weekend! In Chiplun there is this ex-Taj property – now run by Choice hotels (not as well but quite good!) – that has got a location to die for! And both of us love it as a quick and quiet weekend getaway! So on the Saturday evening after a siesta (before which we were responsible for polishing off hotel’s better stock of Pomfret!) I was sitting in the room verandah watching the sunset. Laptop trying to download mails in front of me was crying for attention but it was such a view that I totally ignored its plea!

The sun, however, seemed to be in a hurry to set! And I was in an all time contemplative mood. Past couple of months has been crazy and coming month, too, has a lot in store. I needed time to collate all that was happening, tell myself to wait for the things that aren’t actually there but were supposed to, and generally feel happy and content about all the goodness (‘cos there really is a lot of it!) rather than feeling agitated about aspects not so bright! Sun seemed to be setting far too quick on me and all I was able to see was a truckload of issues that need to be tackled first thing Monday morning. I was looking at a hill range and expecting the sun to set behind those gorgeous trees-less purple hills. But the cloud cover at the distant horizon started to gulp the magnificent red ball a few minutes too soon… Abrupt sun-set, I thought. And just when only about a quarter of the sun was left to be seen a jet suddenly appeared in the evening sky. Flying magnanimously into the horizon it was glowing with all the panache from the sun– it could still see!! The sun had clearly not set on the air borne machine! Even when the sun disappeared the flying dot vanishing in the pink blue sky told me about the sun that was still shining on it! I admired the strength, speed and courage of the jet flying into the horizon… I wanted to be on one! I wanted to be one!

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