Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moi latest acquisition!!!

People of the world, this is my latest pride!! The Nokia E62! It's quintessentially Nokia with Blackberry compatability and a non-Blackberry price tag!!

Bless ya babu for the advise!!
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The things one does....

Wednesday: My N91 corrupts its hard drive and I am back to old 6600....

Thursday: Attended a peculiar wedding of a dear friend that brought tears of laughter and happiness coupled with sheer amazement - when I was not talking on the phone! The whole world called me that day.

Friday: Juggled a zillion and half things at work that came up from nowhere throwing my planning out of the window. Morale - Happy clients are more demanding than clients irritated with your service! Didn't manage the mehendi and sangeet of yet another friend.. :( Still moi sorry for that.... I give up on 6600 (as I can't hear a word of what the chap at the other end is saying) and pick up my sis-in-law's (bless her!) Motorazer. That obviously does not sync my contacts and I start carrying two dumb phone instead of one. One for contacts and other for talking.

Saturday: Took a journey down the memory lane! Went to the ISB. Flip side? - Sure there was some. It was awfully tiring - not just the travel - the process... the saying NO... the responsibility... But was fun!!! 'least I didn't miss the return flights like my colleagues! There's always a silver lining you know! My N91 still not repaired.. grrrrr...

Sunday: Wedding of yet another dear friend (that I missed the sangeet of!) Better half busy with his patients for better part of the morning. Then hurried dash for the wedding hall which was in a totally godforsaken corner of the world. My confidence all lost about the road after 3-4 'confident' rickshawalas, 5-6 'cofident' residents give us extremely conficting directions. (Again I am on the phone half the time and the better half struggling at driving!) Finally we make it to the wedding. All the people in the wedding I knew had either left, were almost leaving or sitting in the mandap and performing 'god knows what'! But the babe (moi friend) looked v v v happy! Muuaaannnhhh to her!! She is a sweeteheart and more than deserves this happiness!! Kudos to the 'Good Boy' she is married to! But my Better half not happy with the crowd at lunch and wants to go somewhere else for a quiet lunch.. okay! Off to Seasons.. A couple of tall glasses of awesome iced tea and chinese food later we go home and its a siesta time - or not! Have to get the groceries and supplies in place and get to the reception of the same wedding... phew!!! Back home just shy of midnight... (add to this sheer irritation by the possibility of prolonged loss of electricity due to grid failure at the state level. Whoever corrected the problem in a matter of hours I love them!!)

Monday: A sweetheart of a firang client in city. Hurried mails before taking him on road shows... Meeting and phone calls galoooooooreeee... I hate sounding busy and important... :(

Tuesday: Finally time for a deeeeeeeep breath!!

I love my life!! And oh my phone's all right now!! :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

THE thing and K - Part II - The anticlimax

This is downright hilarious~

I thought this Kedar was one particular Kedar but turned out to be a totally different Kedar~ Amazingggg~ And this is the comment I received from him~

Both of you Kedars sorry ya~

But the fact that this Kedar (the new one now who has nothing to do with cinema and who surely DIDNT marry anyone - just as yet) surely rocks too~~~~


PS : How crazy is this. Blogger would not let me publish exclamation mark so wherever you see '~' read: Exclamation mark

THE thing and K

Now here’s a story of a friend –K – who, with his wackiness, craziness, work profile and the fact that I simply admire him, has appeared a number of times on this url o’mine! This illustrious gentleman had a successful movie release on Friday (of which he was a significantly insignificant part!) followed by marriage to a lovely lady on Saturday. In the midst of this he has managed to post the most insightful and succinct comment on my Sunday’s blog! He touched me with what he was trying to say (and the timing of the same!) and hence I am posting the entire comment again in the blogs’ section… just to make sure a lot of people read it and know what an amazing person he is!!!! (Dear Wifey of K please, please remind him of your existence!!!!!!)

K you rock!!!

Kedar’s Comment on Strange:

There is the THE thing!

But we deny what is obvious.

I will try to share my understanding about it in brief- (only a path can be discussed, experience is unique, one has to walk on his own!) -

Dream getting replaced by another dream once the first one is achieved – is nothing but a process of DESIRE.

Desire once fulfilled gets replaced by another desire.

But in the process the constant urge to ACHIEVE something, never dies. Hence the constant uneasiness! The power game starts.

The fun is to understand the true nature of our existence. And once we become aware, we start understanding that the whole universe is NEED based and only humans are Desire based. It is a trick of a mind!

What we are is not what mind tells us we are!

We are part of the WHOLE (consciousness, nothingness, chaitanya, parabramha, god etc. ) but our mind tricks us and tells us that we are engineers, architects, doctors, historians, clerks, actors, workers etc. But all these professions are not what we are! Deep down the core we are NOTHING!

Example – a man is observing a waterfall. He is mesmerized by the beauty around him and the sound of waterfall. Cut to He is in his bedroom, away from the waterfall. But he recalls the sound of the waterfall and thinks that it is still there. NO…it is not there…water hit the ground, created waves, they hit the ear drum and sound was heard. So we create the world around us.

(Collective conscious works beautifully and hence we all can see car as a car, tree as a tree and all the things around us.)

In reality nothing exists. Scientists have tried to answer this with proof and are still trying hard. Every thing is particles-is what Newton said. Then, Einstein- every thing is Energy. Then, the quantum physics, particle physics. And now Nano-technology!

Stephan Hawking has said in a press conference that his theory of Big Bang is incomplete. He further said that to understand it to its core one has to TRANSCEND his mind. What does he mean by that?

Einstein had said – reality is an illusion though a very persistent one! (Mithya)What did he mean by that?


So in short, no matter how hard we will deny THE ULTIMATE goal of any human being is to realize the TRUE NATURE of our existence. Some call it Enlightenment. And consciously or unconsciously we all are walking towards it.

Power is a beautiful game of MIND. One works hard and earns money and then has a nice sophisticated life style. What is he doing by living life sophisticatedly? Subconsciously he is trying to be better than what he is, all the time. But no matter how hard he tries, the constant uneasiness never leaves him till the last breath. The detachment from the WHOLE (god, nothingness etc) makes us uneasy and we keep on running behind futile goals.

It is not bad to set short term goals in life to achieve comforts. But if one gets involved in them emotionally then that becomes his life and that brings the misery at the end!

Once the WHOLE is seen then the eternal quest ends and then one dwells in the realm of Ecstasy!

Once this is understood then the next question raise that does it mean that one should leave everything and go in woods and meditate? … NO…being aware and working passionately is the solution!

Just smile and take it in a stride!!! As you said!!

Observing our each and every action makes us understand the INTENSION behind every action and the purity starts flowing in our life style. Why to do so? Because once the purity starts flowing in, the Ego starts becoming weak and once this process starts then the nature starts speaking back!


Take care…tata…kedar….

Sunday, February 04, 2007


We dream big...
work hard...
defeat the defeats...
fight the battles...
and achieve something...
(mind you, never THE thing - as there is always some other THE thing to be achieved after THE thing is achieved!)

But then after all that toil we don't feel as excited as we thought we would...
as excited as we dreamed we would...
we don't jump up and down neither scream on top of our voices...
we just smile and take it in a stride~

It genuinely does not mean that importance of achievement is anyway reduced...
It does not even mean that we do not value it...
No one can infer we are not happy either... 'cos you know what, we are!

But not ecstatic... enraptured... rhapsodic....


Maybe 'cos we always knew that one day we WOULD achieve it!
Or maybe .... maybe I don't know!

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