Sunday, June 02, 2013

Why did I blog?

During an impromptu rocking night out with friends a couple of days ago, someone mentioned my blog. She said she has read through it(!!). I didn't think anyone did!! It got me wondering why I wrote it, why did  I stop?

The answer to the later part is easy. I found the magical word of 140 characters and convenience of quick photo publishing! It allowed me to throw my thoughts at the world at a break neck speed without much thought! But was this the reason why I had started to write here? Just so that I can consume the bit and bytes with stuff in my head?

I am an extrovert. I think aloud. I make most of my decisions - not prior or after - but during a discussion or debate. A dangerous habit! But a habit all the same! Did I write here to crystallize my thoughts?

Unable to pin down an answer I went back in time reading my entries. Remembered the circumstances surrounding each of them. Some memories pleasant and happy but some repressed purposefully came flooding back! So was this blog meant to be a journal? I definitely think not.

The only thing I remember about blogging (and I have not written anything in more than  2 years) is that it was fun. To compose thoughts and incidents in your head, to put them down hoping that you have touched the very raw nerve, the very essence of these thoughts or simply documenting some hilarity in life.. I think it was just the process that was fun! And now I know 140 characters are never going to do the same for me!

I should be here more often! 

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