Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monsoon Purple

Today on my way to office I saw a creature on road. This guy was driving a Purple Bajal Pulser, wearing a Purple full shirt. The rain was creating deeper Black Purple polka dots on the shirt.

He was wearing a Beige trousers, Black shoes and Brown and Blue socks. From the back pocket of his trouser a Black Wallet and a Shocking Pink comb were peeping. An Ash Grey P-Cap completed this ensemble! Truly a sight, believe you me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An art of changing companies!

I think I am really getting good at this! After graduating from the ISB in April'05, I joined an International Property Consultancy called Chesterton Meghraj in their consultancy practise.Come Nov'05 the management convinced Chesterton to sell off its 30% stake to Trammell Crow Company, a Dallas based NSE listed entity and we became Trammell Crow Meghraj! Exactly one year from then Trammell Crow Company was bought lock stock and barrell by CBRichardEllis in the US. We now had 30% shareholding hanging as we exercised the right of refusal and the MD chose to scout for right partners! After 6plus months of talks, negotiations and due diligence we merged yesterday with Jones Lang Lasalle! Now starting yesterday afternoon I work for Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj!

Same chair, little over 2yrs and I am working for a third company!!! Strong resume, this should make!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quintessentially Puneri!

Yesterday night on our way home, I was set to fall asleep as the better half drove the car. We were listening to R.D.'s 'Mera kuchh saman..' from Izajat and I was all droopy eyes! It was just then that we saw this sight and I cursed myself for not having a camera with me.

They were on a two wheeler. (Was not a motor cycle of any brand for sure! Was the scooter types. I could not determine the brand as not too much of the vehicle was visible!!) Right, so this family I am about to describe was riding a two wheeler. The first thing I noticed about these people was certainly a kid ready to fall off his mother’s grip chewing intently on what seemed like a lollypop. But I could not be sure as in 10 mins that we ogled at them we never once saw whatever attached to the white stick in hand, come out of his bulging mouth! He was being held sideways (albeit losely) by the mommy dear (whom I noticed next) while she was all busy discussing something passionately with the Daddy driving the two wheeler. If we would have opened the windows we could have easily heard them discussing global warming or world politics, judging by their expressions!! So far the scene was fairly normal given we were in Pune. Thrown in along with the child were also a few bags in other hand of the mommy held as 'well' as she was holding her 'khandanka chirag'! Three of them gave me an impression of being extremely well fed (and for the child being fed) and that was the reason I could never see the make of the machine carrying them!! The real killer came only after this!! There, standing at the feet of Driving Daddy, was an adorable doggy (boxer I think) sharing his space, again with some more shopping bags, looking positively petrified!!

He was the only one noticing half the fellow travellers were looking at this ensemble and worrying about safety of the gang involved. I also thought looking at his eyes as if he was pleading to be rescued off such amazingly security and safety conscious masters.. I silently wished well to all of them - The Driving Daddy, Chattering Mommy Dear, Hanging Lollypop Kid and The Petrified Boxer.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An abrupt stream of thought

It was someday in recent past, when I was somewhere, thinking of something, that I wrote out the following... Just random thoughts I don't want to lose after crumpling the paper that I have written them on...

'From where emerges the sheer inability of expression? What is more important - being yourself or being prudent? Because if you have the guts to admit, you might not be the most prudent afterall.

Is it advantageous to understand one's follies or is ignorance simply a bliss? Because when you understand your follies, you also understand, you might not be able to correct them and that puts serious limitations on your perceived abilities and consequently your dreams.'

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