Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I had been meaning to put down my thoughts on this whole issue of racial discrimination of Indians abroad for quite some time but this (goddamned) movie - dhan dhana dhan GOAL - I watched coupled with what happened in Kuala Lumpur recently stirred these thoughts much more.

Having seen and to a certain extent faced a fare share of this discrimination in the USofA which I am told is one of the better places, I really think there is a validity to the argument of global citizenship, of the fact that every man or woman should have equal rights. I, personally, would never discriminate based either on sex or colour or nationality for that matter. Talent, ability will prevail, in my opinion over above mentioned criterion.

But - now here is where things get complicated - I really think it is each individual's choice where he/she chooses to stay, work, make a life. All the choices are fraught with pros and cons. Racial discrimination IS, MOST CERTAINLY, a flip side associated with the choices made by millions. Is it fair to rest the entire responsibility on the shoulders of certain people who discriminate? Isn't it as much a function of choice made by those who are being discriminated?

I am not saying that these choices made are baseless. Those millions definitely have a reason enough to make them. Neither am I supporting this whole system of discrimination. But why cry foul in the names of ONLY those who choose to believe in the superiority of color? Why not introspect and realise that this should have been accounted for in the first place? Things, in today's world, ARE as they ARE. They may, why will, change over time but whom are you kidding by assuming this will happen in your life time??

Who is at fault??

Friday, November 02, 2007

Jab They Met,

we had fun!! Me and S went for 'jab we met' yesterday!! Its not every week that both of us find time and will to watch a movie on a weekday evening! S returned early from Mumbai and moi sneaked outta office.We were at a movie hall by the time I normally realise that the work day might end now in a few hrs!! Evening show with S!! I cant remember when we did that last!!!

The movie is also kinda good, you know!! It steers away from the usual drama of hindi movie and it is kept refreshingly light. I actually liked Shahid Kapoor. And Kereena was bearable! Do watch it but dont forget to leave your common sense at home!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Grey is a colour/shade that has always fascinated me! Especially when it comes to people... I have seen a bunch of those in past few days. Riot of Greys. Wonder which of those shades is me... I am looking for my shade of Grey...

Oh by the way, Did you know, happiness also has a shade of grey? I am no philosopher! But I have realised this now.

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