Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moi Room

I got married about five tears ago and went on to live in S's house and S's room and S's life! Slowly and steadily the life became 'ours' but the room and the house? nahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Today on a lazy Sunday when S is busy with his work I am lounging at my parent's house. (Something I do in my every free moment that is not particularly free for S!!) And as I was sitting here and looking around I realised (not that I didn't know but you know one of those moments of sudden flashes of realisations!) what a treasure trove of memories this room is! Though this is a place we moved into when I was in the third year of my graduation, I have generated quite a lot of junk around here that, I know, I shall never throw away (much to the annoyance of moi poor mother!)

This room that has got the most irregular shape and a wonderful sitout with awning. Lies in this very sitout my very first tri-cycle - which by the way, I am told, I never wanted!! Snugly next to it is my 'glass tracing' glass where all of my archi friends have worked into the dead of the night(bless those days and those night-outs!!). Inside the room, now in a neglected corner stands my A1 board and stand. Dimantled and now normally used by the servant as a convinient place to hang the clothes. Countless nights we might have spent poring over it and making all those portfolios and submissions - which - now are tucked away in a drawer under my grand platform bed. This uniquely gigantic platform is capable to hold a slumber party with 8-10 friends and countless of them have been celebrated here!! Poor thing now has only one bedding spread across it. I find it too depressing and hardly ever nap here. I prefer the guest bedroom of the house now! But if you lie down on this platform at night and open the small sneak window I have next to it, you see the most beautiful shadows on the ceiling! (I remember telling S that I miss them immediately after I moved in with him!!) Next to the platform I have a huge wardrobe, which miraculously, is still full of my clothes in addition to those in S's house!! Countless other draweres and cupboards hold my treasure trove of memories, nic-nac and pictures!!

But the best part of my room, I feel now, is this red clothed soft board in front of my writing table. It is a brief view of all those days and fun times!! Its got loads of pictures! My profile in three b/w tones clicked by Miguel in SLO, CalPoly, USA; an adorable red shirt and jeans clad photo of me and Mads that was taken in CCD by some random guy(!!); a photo on sari day in archi college, Mahabalipuram temple; a photo with Chichi - my oldest friend; and of course with Vicky, my lifelong crush; with Kavi and Taks in surgical masks and caps taken while studying the Operation Theatre for Taks's final year thesis; a cleaner blank in darker shade of red from where I recently removed pict of with chachu, my darling sis, to be kept away in an album!! Its got the trademark happy b'day card from all fools with their signatures(it was the last time when everyone was there to sign on it....and it was agggesss ago). Its also got the first sketch elevation of my thesis multiplex on a faded tracing paper; a beautiful and casual watercolour landscape by Kavi; an invitation we prepared in archi school for our annual event that we called 'sanskruti' that year; a mirror that Rups gave me and a pretty Feng-Shui charm that S brought purely for aesthetic purposes; a pretty doll key-chain I brought from Dubai; a Donald Duck cut-out that is so old that I have no clue where it came from!

I hope I shall get more of such lazy, rainy Sunday afternoons that make you feel happy and sad simalteneously. But mostly content! Content for all the good times and great friends!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Changing coordinates~

The topsy-turvy madness of last two to three months finally seems to be getting over for real. I think now I know which company I work for and mind you it has/had no relation to my earlier post - An art of changing companies. This time it is not my company that has chosen to change the name but it is me who has chosen to change the company itself!!

Its been quite a ride for me...And given moments of anxiety, excitement, trepidation....Though through most part I have just been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by what was being offered, by what I have to handle, by the sheer belief in my ability to do so and then by relentless efforts not to let me go, by innovative solutions, by people who have been kinder and sweeter than ever! A senior from JLLM told me yesterday that I am the single most lucky and fortunate individual he has ever seen in his professional life and I can not disagree!! The only lingering question, really, is whether I deserve all the confidence that they seem to be putting in my abilities!! Only time will tell.....hopefully affirmatively!

So as the things sum up today I am taking on all operating responsibility of planning, construction and delivery of 9million sft in Pune! They have actually lavished THE 'C' title on me! And the best part of the arrangement is the continuing association that I would enjoy with JLLM. Life seriously can not get any better.

Whatever challanges that this role and the two timing will present, I am more than willing to take, head-on... Just hoping that I shall work hard enough to meet everyone's expectations and those of my own!

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