Friday, May 19, 2006

A proud Alum of THE Indian School of Business

I know I keep blowing the trumpets of this school, but hey, it deserves it!!! Check out the following ranking. (Source Business Week)

ISB is ranked 8th in terms of Class size ( i.e there are only 7 ranked schools that have a class size greater than 420). In terms of average GMAT, ISB is ranked 5th.

Monday, May 08, 2006


We watched this most amazing movie this weekend. Munich by Steven Spielberg. A wonderful movie about what happens AFTER eleven jews are killed at the Munich olympics. Its about a Mossad agent (A son, A husband, A father to be...) running an undercover operation with a team of four from all over the Europe and plotting and killing (or trying to do so, thinking he is doing it...) the architects of the Black September....The movie touched something inside me. Somehting that was so blissfully unaware of any extreme emotion at all. And it touched me unlike the rebels of Rang de.. This was different. Those rebels threw their lives away trying to make a point, and they did it well or what.. In this movie the protagonist was trying to find life all the time. Rang De.. was an act. This movie was about countinuum of life.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


More patience and more wait.
Along came uncertainty.
A lack of clue as to the appropriate reactions.
A cold hollow in the stomach.
A swirling mist of doubts in the head.
Clouded face and
Torrent of thoughts.
And then?


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