Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some times...

Some days in life are such roller-coasters…

Some people in life simply deserve the best…

Some things in life just can’t be compromised…

Some times the life blankly refuses to be fair…

Thursday, November 16, 2006

CQ + PQ > IQ

I realised for the umpteenth time yesterday that the difference between a very good professional and a great one, one who does very well and the other who is phenomenally successful, a person who is an important part of a company and a person who is integral to its success is the passion quotient. Being intelligent takes you only thus far but having a passion along with intelligence makes sure that even sky is not the limit!

This is for all those people I have met and keep meeting who are truly passionate about what they do! Kudos!!!!!!!

PS: The title of the post in a line from Thomas Friedman’s ‘The world is flat’. (PQ: Passion Quotient; CQ: Curiosity Quotient; IQ: Intelligence Quotient)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


That’s what is best about having an entrepreneurial venture. No one sitting at the top – the top that you have not even seen, the top that doesn’t affect your day to day business, the top that is nothing but a bunch of names but more importantly brands – can s@#$w your life, deals, work, word, happiness……. Because if you are working at a fine ‘corporate’ it happens to you and you are at a total loss as to how to react.

Solution: Get to the top and remember never to do so yourself
But for that you have to get s@#$%^d for a long time an sustain it through gritted teeth

OR the other solution is

Solution 2: DO SO FAST
So that they get less time to ruin your happiness

OR the third solution is

Solution 3: Get going on your own….
So that you are at the top, by default!
But then will you learn how it feels to be one of the many in the company? Knowing it, aren’t you likely to be better at the top than otherwise?
With highest regard to entrepreneurial juices in all of us, is it always possible to set up an empire from scratch – especially today?

Bottomline, however, is to believe in people and make no mistakes there.......

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