Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who is the master craftsman?

I am sick and tired of media scripting the so called real estate 'bubble burst' every single day! Not a day passes without a story listing the free fall of real estate prices. Most of these stories are ill researched and based more on sentiment than on data. Apart from the more data oriented discussion about whether or not we shall see a correction(notice the phrase) and where and to what extent; this phase is only reminding me every passing day of the sheer media power to script the fall in sentiments which may even lead to god knows what!

Media will be most responsible if any bloodshed happens in this industry.

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claytonia vices said...

Just 're-discovered' your blog :)

I think builders are simply slowing down construction to make sure there is a 'healthy' shortage of flats and so that prices stay up...

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